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CATV coaxial HD cable structure diagram

KVV KVVP control chart cable

KVV22 KVVP22 control cable

The KVVP control chart cable

NH-VV power cable structure map

YJV power cable structure diagram

High definition digital 75-5 (64+144) shielding cable structure diagram

XLPE power cable structure map

Crosslinking plastic (armored power cable structure diagram)

PVC insulated and sheathed control cable structure diagram

Aluminium conductor, XLPE power cable structure diagram

Aluminium cductor plastic armored power cable structure diagram

Four shielding radio frequency line chart

Computer line guide map





Technical data


1 the use of check or coat to prevent improper, or affect the use effect


2 in the room not less than 0 C application. 6 times, and the song is not less than the outer half to crack


3 period of not exceeding 70 C.


4 road to stream size and the use of environmental degree, section flow together, to ensure safety


5, the surface may not meet the source


How to choose and use of PVC insulated wire and cable


Wire and cable, especially PVC insulated wire and cable (commonly known as plastic wire) is the main carrier of power transmission, its scope of application is very extensive, especially in the "city network, rural power grid" transformation into the family line and home decoration indoor line volume is very large, the raw material for the production of PVC insulated wire and cable products is mainly copper, aluminum wire and PVC insulation material (commonly known as plastic), therefore, the quality of their quality will directly affect the PVC insulated wire and cable products.


In the face of wire and cable enterprises products, consumers should pay attention to the following several points in the purchase and use:


A, first selection of large and medium-sized enterprises products, best not to buy too cheap products, such as the 2.5mm2 copper core cable, material, manufacturing cost per 100 meters in 100 ~ 110 yuan between, if the selling price less than 100 yuan many, not using inferior raw material is short in length.


Two, pay attention to product identification, to prevent counterfeit products. General PVC insulated cables and wires on product labels should be marked with the factory name, the site, rated voltage, specifications, length, "3C" certification number, especially in the cable wire should be printed with continuous signs include factory name, model, rated voltage, single core line spacing should be less than 200 mm, sheath line marker spacing should be less than 500 mm.


Three, the purchase of PVC insulated wire and cable products, first of all to consider its use. The general situation is, through the power of the electrical size calculated by current wire, according to the current purchase wire specifications. It's best to consult experienced professional electrician, because the section carrying capacity and lead wire, and wire material (aluminum or copper), laying method model, (laid or threading pipes etc.) and ambient temperature and so on, there are many factors affecting, complicated calculation.


Four, in the purchase process, first of all, you can look at the section of wire, copper (aluminum) core should be in the middle, plastic layer thickness should be uniform, then, can try to strip wire end of the plastic, if can easily stripped, there may be plastic strength is not enough, the stripping of copper (aluminum) core after that, can look at the copper (aluminum) core materials, under normal circumstances the surface should be with metallic luster, if the white surface blackening of copper or aluminum surface indicates that the metal oxide, it is better not to sell, finally, if possible, try to burn out, the lighter can burn, and the flame cannot self quenching or quenching time is longer, the wire is not burning, so that wires do not buy.


Five, in the use of plastic wire, must correct connection, generally the best by a professional electrician wiring, their connection, pay attention to plastic wire joint should be firmly connected, simple, not with taped together, so electricity joint easy fever, serious when can cause fire.