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Management philosophy: care staff development, and strengthen the implementation capacity, the pursuit of efficient and harmonious, Balanced Incentive and constraint


1 care staff growth


A. pay attention to employee's interest and expertise, with good working conditions, improve employee training plan, occupation career design promotes the staff personal occupation development path;


B. attaches great importance to corporate culture management, interpersonal relationship, healthy simple serious lively work atmosphere, free and transparent means of communication, to promote employee satisfaction and continuous improvement, keep staff growth and enterprise synchronization of happiness;


C. stimulate the potential of employees, the pursuit of personal growth with the company. As individuals have consciousness paid first, be willing to sacrifice for the team wisdom and diligence, team achievement of personal excellence outstanding.


2 to strengthen the executive ability


Study of A. good plan, without good execution will become empty talk. Strong execution is one of the core principles of Sheng Yu in the management of the;


B. good execution, depend on the excellent mechanism, standard system, sincere cooperation, effective incentive, moving model, but the most important thing, want to rely on each Sheng Yu man on the company's love and sense of responsibility for the work;


C. planning and then moving to resolute execution, to be good at summing up, in order to execute continuous improvement.


3 pursuit of efficient and harmonious


A. with the expansion of the company, must be standardized and efficient management mechanism, maintain the company system operation efficiency;


B. according to the company development and business change, dynamic optimization of enterprise management, form a harmonious internal environment;


C. in the efficient and harmonious environment, adhere to the management principle of results oriented, realize the effective support of the company business objectives.


4 the balance of the incentive and constraint


A. according to the value of the contributions and achievements, the incentive mechanism of differentiation, effectively stimulate staff's initiative and creativity;


B. push based employees understand the system and understanding and identity, strengthening the effective implementation of the system, the formation of intangible but effective internal control mechanism;


C. emphasizes the combination of incentive and restrictive, maintain the balance of a degree, to provide powerful guarantee for the implementation of internal management.